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Meet the Competitors

Rhode Island Companies

currentlab_logo crop.png

Current Lab is a Rhode Island-based computational oceanography startup specializing in high-resolution forecasting of underwater currents and sound speed. Current Lab's ocean models have been trusted by teams at the world's top sailing events, from the America's Cup to the Tokyo Olympics.

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Kevin Rosa, PhD

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Current Lab founder Kevin Rosa, PhD holds degrees in physics and oceanography and has served as an oceanographer at the Department of Energy and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.


Jaia Robotics LLC is a Rhode Island based business that has world leading expertise in autonomous aquatic data collection systems. As leaders in low cost, high speed, micro-sized autonomous aquatic robots called JaiaBots that work in  pods of up to 20 vehicles, Jaia Robotics is positioned to do what no other system can do in collecting aquatic data from depths of 1  to 100m, in oceans, surf zones, estuaries, rivers and lakes.


Ian Estaphan Owen

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As a Jaia Robotics’ CEO and co-founder Ian brings a unique mix of business leadership, program management, engineering, operations and capture skills. Ian has worked in the defense, technology and commercial sectors, with a strong emphasis on Blue Tech. After growing up in a coastal town in South Wales, UK, the first twelve years of his professional life were in the UK Royal Navy before joining Lockheed Martin as Programs Director. After 11 years Ian joined Ian Raytheon UK to lead their Naval Business before joining their US operations in 2007 where he did a rotation at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. A two-year stint at Bluefin Robotics as Director of Programs developing large and medium size uncrewed underwater vehicles, was followed by four years at Sonos Inc., partnering with industry behemoths including IKEA, Amazon and Apple to successfully develop amazing products and launching them into market. Transitioning back into the BlueTech space Ian joined Aquabotix as VP Programs gaining invaluable insight into the potential of using micro sized autonomous marine vehicles to collect data at a very low cost.

Israeli Companies

Marine Edge - Tight Logo.jpeg

Marine Edge is set out to significantly reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions for merchant ships (10-15%).

Our innovative concept and unique regenerative hybrid technology is based on ML algorithms that improve propulsion efficiency and is designed for long haul journeys of cargo ships.

As you know, every year, the world fleet burns over 1 billion tons of fuel, which is emitted into the atmosphere along with 3 billion tons of CO2, which contribute to global warming.

Marine Edge - Nevo Dotan (2).webp

Co-Founder: Nevo Dotan

Marine Edge - Amichay Gross.webp

Co-Founder:Amichay Gross

Marine Edge - Mark Moran.webp

Co-Founder: Mark Moran


By- Robbot is a ECO-FRIENDLY AUTONOMIC ROBO for cleaning beaches. Fully autonomous robot, modular, suitable for all type of areas (beach with sand, stones, grass) And the most important – it ALLOWS TO LEAVE bio-organic materials like CORALS and SHELLS on the surface and clean ONLY THE GARBAGE


Founder : Boris Yampolsky 

nakAI Robotics logo.jpg

nakAI Robotics

develop cutting-edge vessels' Conditioning & Inspection solutions, aimed at preserving and improving our ocean's health by significantly reducing millions of tons in Air and Water pollutions, and also by minimizing the transmission of Aquatic Invasive Species.

nakAI is building a fully Autonomous Hull Cleaning Robot to address this massive pain point and market opportunity - our Robot & Docking station always travels with the ship, removes early-stage Slime & Biofouling while vessels are In-Transit.

nakAI Robotics -Yair Tamir (1).png
nakAI Robotics - Aviv Melman.png

CTO-, Yair Tamir 

CEO -: Aviv Melman

oss blue_blue.png
Tony Picture.jpg

Ocean State Sensing is an engineering and consulting company that specializes in underwater thermal sensing and mapping, ocean engineering services, and project management. Our services include high-resolution, continuous, in-situ sensing services, instrumentation, and integration. Our mission is to provide high fidelity sensing services in the aquatic environment; through sound ocean engineering and project management practices; to improve the in-situ understanding of the ecosystem, enabling greater stewardship across the hydrosphere. 


Antone (Tony) Eliasen

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Antone (Tony) Eliasen is CO-founder and Chief Executive officer of Ocean State Sensing. As a retired US Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer and Project Management Professional, he brings a plethora of experience in ocean operations and engineering. His degrees in Environmental Science and Engineering Management bring his passion for the ocean to bear in an imaginative and effective manner. He is focused on bringing high value production to your team and operation while providing innovation and passion to the stewardship of our planet's greatest asset, the ocean. 

KET LOgistics logo.jpg

KET Logistics

KET Logistics vision is to enable real time logistics from the origin to the last mile. logistics and transport (road or sea) are mainly done with containers, there are some solutions that enable cloud base solutions.

Nevertheless all sensor units have a battery life limit, this causes a major maintenance obstacle in these solutions.

We developed a batteryless sensor unit that can last for over 25 years, this solution can be adapted and installed in a container with no maintenance needed post the deployment. This gives us a competitive advantage that in a TCO model benefits the company and its customers. this will enhance efficiency in supply chain reduce carbon footprint and address SDG12 , 13

KET LOgistics -Menashe Zelicha.jpg

Founder: Menashe Zelicha

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