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Criteria to Enter the Competition

  • The Startup must be 3 years or younger 

  • Revenue less than 200 K 

  • Must be related to “blue tech”  

  • Must be based out of Rhode Island/Ashdod respectively 

  • Must be interested in entering into/collaborating with Israeli/US market 

  • Product can be used in civilian application, military application, or both.  

Pitching Criteria

  • Must have a minimum of 5 slides 

  • Pitch is limited to 15 minutes 

  • Key points to hit in presentation 

  • Introduction: name, name of business, logo 

  • What the business is and why is it cutting edge? 

  • How does the product work? 

  • Why is it important? 

  • What is the timeline of growth? Roadmap? 

  • What is the international significance? Why do you want to get into this market? 

  • What do you need to grow your business?  (investors? Mentors? resource partners? customers? visibility?)

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